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Web Developer and Filmmaker

How I ended up using my programming skills in filmmaking

I have been programming and making films almost as long as I can remember. These were always two very separate passions for me. Last year I ended up using my programming skills in filmmaking.

Posted on January, 02 2019 | 4 minutes Read
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Celebrating 5 years of Laravel Excel

Exactly 5 years ago, on the 9th of November 2013, we made the first public commit to our first open source package: Laravel Excel. At Maatwebsite we had just started working with Laravel 4.0 and needed a standardized way of creating Excel exports in our applications. With some simple wrapper code around PHPExcel, Laravel Excel was born!

Posted on November, 09 2018 | 1 minutes Read
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Laravel Nova Excel 1.1 — Ready for launch

Two months ago we released a first version of Laravel Nova Excel that exports Nova resources to Excel. At Maatwebsite we still love Laravel Nova and couldn’t wait to extend our package even more!

Posted on October, 30 2018 | 1 minutes Read
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Introducing Laravel Excel 3.1

Laravel Excel 3.0 was released a while ago and completely redesigned the architecture behind exports. Our next target was to do the same paradigm shift for imports. Development took some time, because we wanted to get it right from the start.

Posted on October, 03 2018 | 4 minutes Read
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Introducing Laravel Nova Excel 🚀

At Maatwebsite we love Laravel! Of course we couldn’t wait to get our hands on Laravel Nova! We can tell you… the wait was worth it! Considering our primary open source focus is Laravel Excel, we couldn’t stay behind and now introduce you Laravel Nova Excel.

Posted on August, 30 2018 | 1 minutes Read
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🚀 Supercharge your Excel exports in Laravel!

Recently we released Laravel Excel 3.0, which was a big paradigm shift from 2.1 . Our intensions were to drastically simplify the export clutters in your controller. We completely rebuilt the package from scratch. And we believe it’s awesome!

Posted on August, 08 2018 | 4 minutes Read
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Laravel Excel — Lessons Learned

Laravel Excel turned 4 years last November and has reached almost 6 million Packagist downloads. A good time to reflect on 4,5 years of open source development.

Posted on March, 15 2018 | 8 minutes Read
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